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Physicist – Experimentalist

Guy Millot is a physicist who has made numerous pioneering contributions in nonlinear optical physics including laser spectroscopy and ultrafast guided optics. During the first decade of his career (1984-1995) he obtained international recognition in the field of laser Raman spectroscopy applied to combustion media (flames and rocket engines). In 1994 he was promoted to a full Professor position and began working on the theme of optical solitons and nonlinear fiber optics. In a very short space of time he developed in his laboratories in Dijon an internationally-leading research group in this field, which has achieved numerous important scientific breakthroughs and is internationally-acknowledged as one of the foremost groups working in the field. His personal input has been central to the expansion of the group into new and significant research fields.

He is regularly contacted by world-leading theoreticians in the field of nonlinear guided waves for collaborations. He is internationally considered amongst the world’s expert in fields such as optical solitons and self-similar pulses, modulation instabilities, polarization attractors, rogue waves, high-repetition-rate sources, incoherent and multimode nonlinear optics and dual-comb spectroscopy.

He has secured substantial direct funding resources to support his activities (3 M€ in the last ten years). His research has been recognized by two prestigious awards: membership of the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF) and the silver medal from the CNRS. He was elected Fellow of the Optical Society of America in 2012. He is a frequently requested project expert and PhD examiner. A central feature of his research is that he carries out both fundamental and applied studies in the fields of laser spectroscopy in gases and ultrafast optics in nonlinear waveguides.


Born in Alligny-en-Morvan (France) on January 3rd 1960

Born in January 3rd 1960; Married, 4 children, 2 grand-children; 

French citizen.

Position: Professor of Physics, University of Bourgogne (UB) – CNRS

Deputy Director of the Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne (ICB)

Head of Soliton Group (SLCO, 35 members)


Full Professor

Department of Physics, PRCE 2 (Highest level)

Since 1994


 Associate Professor

Department of Physics

10/1988 - 08/1994


01/1988 - 09/1988

Research & teaching assistant

Department of Physics


 Postodoctoral Researcher

Time-resolved infrared double resonance spectroscopy


Boston (USA)

07/1987 -

12/ 1987

Bourgogne Technology

09/1986 -


Research Engineer

″Raman laser spectroscopy in gases"

Phd Physics

Raman Laser Spectroscopy in Gases




Silver Medal from CNRS

for  experimental results on nonlinear wave propagation in optical fibers and their applications to ultrafast optical communication systems. Only one or two physicists are recipients of this highly prestigious medal every year.

Institut Universitaire de France (IUF) member

This is a very select French award, granted in 2000 to only 25 academics under the age of 40 across all disciplines

Prize of research from
the foundation iXCore


Fellow OSA